About the movie

This feature documentary, which gained three prestigious Angel Awards at the Monaco International Film Festival in 2008, takes you on a journey to João Teixeira de Faria, also known as John of God, the miracle healer of Brazil. The film explores the extraordinary abilities of this internationally respected medium, and the many spirit beings who work through him, to heal sick and disabled people from all over the world.

Since João first discovered his miraculous faculty more than 50 years ago, millions of people have visited him at the Casa de Dom Inácio Centre in the Brazilian village of Abadiânia. People who came with illnesses considered incurable have received healing that mainstream medical opinion cannot explain.

The film takes an objective and unflinching look at the physical and emotional journeys undertaken by some of these people. It shows how spiritual energy can transcend conventional medical knowledge and features remarkable sequences showing João being used by the spirit entities as a channel to carry out their miraculous work.

"Healing" is a visually stunning film that challenges conventional perceptions and opinions. Through unbiased reporting of facts, and testimony from doctors, scientists and people who have been restored to health, it provides a unique insight into the achievements of a man who insists he is merely the instrument through which faith, compassion and benign spiritual forces are channeled to alleviate suffering.

Whatever your beliefs, "Healing" cannot fail to inspire, impress and intrigue. It will lead you towards an acceptance of the fact, supported by indisputable visual evidence, that in this quiet Brazilian village, something truly miraculous is happening for the benefit of mankind.

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In this 15 minutes podcast, Heather Cumming talks about "Healing" with Merlian News' Merryn Jose. She explains how John of God performs the surgeries in the film, and speaks about the spiritual aspect of the healings, how to link to meditations at the Casa, and what our part is in the healing process.