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Dr. Henri Tjiong, who at the time of filming described is life at and around the Casa as one of a goldfish in his bowl, about meeting the Entities:

"The Entities are more interested in the healing of your soul, rather than in the healing of your physical body. Because to them we are spiritual beings having a physical experience, rather than physical beings having a spiritual experience. They are much more concerned with the trajectory of our soul throughout its different lifetimes, because the way the Entities see us, and how they can size us up in a second or two while you are in front of the Entity is that they see our energy field. Within that energy field they see past lives, present lives and, the most probable: future lives."

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  1. Would love to know how is Dr. Tjiong doing now, in 2018. I just visited the Casa a month ago. I have seen the documentary and I am curious to know what has happened to him since then.
    Hope someone can tell me!