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"My name is Dr. Rick Sheff. I am a doctor. My background includes that I did my undergraduate work at Cornell University, I studied philosophy and politics at Oxford University and went to medical school at the University of Pennsylvania and did my family medicine residency at Brown University. I work with hospitals and physician leaders from all across the United States on the challenges we face in health care today.

I consider my self a scientist and skeptic. I am not only skeptical of what might be going on here at the Casa in Abadiania, but also what we believe conventional science teaching us.

I would like to share some thoughts about the physical surgeries. Frankly they get a lot sensationalism and attention. They do force us to rethink how the world works. These physical surgeries are very rare compared to the other healings that are going on on an energetic level. There is no need for a physical surgery. A thousand or more people may come through the Casa on any given day. They are having physical healings that cannot be explained away. I have personally had a healing here. I've had multiple healings. I have prayed for healing for my son. And even before I left here, the first time I came to Abadiania, I witnessed that healing begin in my son who was thousands of miles away. And I can't explain that. But I'm deeply, deeply grateful for it.

What is happening here, at the Casa, in the work of John of God, is profound and powerful but the phenomena that are being witnessed here are not in isolation. We now have scientific studies that confirm that prayer works for healing, even when the person being prayed for does not know that they are being prayed for. We have scientific studies that a prayer expressed over water changes its molecular structure. This is data, these are data points that cannot be reduced to the science we have today, to our paradigm today.

Scientists at the end of the nineteenth century were bemoaning the fact that all the major scientific discoveries had already been made, and what was the future of science without more scientific discoveries. We should not fall into that same trap. It was just twenty years later that Einstein showed the world that time and space are not as we thought they were. What else is not as we think it is?"

- Richard Sheff, MD

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