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I just emailed back and forth with HEALING subject and supporter, Heather Cumming, who is spending most of the summer at the Casa in Brazil. In the film, Heather is introducing us to John of God with these beautiful words:

"What I have to say is about my favorite subject, Medium Joao and Don Ignatio, and this group of helping spirits that works through John of God. This extraordinary man who comes from a very very humble background and who has devoted his life to serving humanity, to serving God, with extraordinary compassion, humility, devoted to serving his mission. I have immense respect of him, as a man, and immense respect for him as the healer that he is. And, of course, immense gratitude and respect for the entities of light who work through his body, through his instrument to create healing, to help us emotionally, to guide us, to open our hearts so that we can be more compassionate and loving people."

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  1. When we stop resisting them we can 'get the message', the necessary internal shift can be made and the emotion dissipates or moves on, leaving way for a deeper emotion. And the process repeats until we hit our essential nature, which is inner peace.

    Ilchi Lee