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The John of God Casa is nestled in the Red Rock mountain range of Sedona, between Phoenix and Flagstaff, in one of the most beautiful and magical areas of the United States. On weekends, from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM, locals and tourists can visit the Casa, which is open for everyone. It's a quiet but powerful space where people soak up energy, meditate, come for healing, love and comfort. Monica Evon, who runs the Casa Sedona, has been to Brazil many times, she also works with Sacred Light Tours and brings people to John of God. She is around to answer questions and to give support.

This huge 4-ton crystal has been transplanted to the Casa in Sedona from Brazil. Monica said it has been changing colors over the past year, from white to a pinkish hue as it takes on the qualities of love and compassion. It's a female crystal, whose male counterpart will arrive at the Casa in the next few weeks.

John of God visited the Sedona Casa in October of 2010 to bless the building and place the crystal. He would very much like to return and may plan another visit next year.

The Current at Casa Sedona is strong and noticeable. Visitors feel the effects of this special energy. Monica explained that the physical presence of Medium Joao may help us focus and believe, but the Entities and his energy are present, whether we see him in front of us, or not.

For more, visit the website and Facebook page of Casa Sedona, and don't miss out on this very special place.


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  2. Is the Casa Sedona open and operating now a days? Would like to visit.